Welcome to Mooseport

October 10, 2013 § 1 Comment

(This blog is not called Mooseport. Please do not refer to it as such.)

This project doesn’t require a great deal of explanation, so we will not provide much.

Until recently, the two of us were full-time students of film at the college level. We now are fortunate enough to work on different ends of the movie business,  presenting films both theatrically and on television.

Our interests, though, still err on the obsessive side, and belong to a generation only too inclined to launch blogs at a moment’s notice. So we end up here, working out a schedule for what anyone who wants to read along can expect.

Each week we will write about recent viewing(s), just to make sure we have a continued reason to exist. Brendan will chime in on Tuesday and Stuart on Thursday.

On Fridays and Saturdays, we will each post a longform essay. They might fall under a variety of vague themes: a primer on a director, movement or genre that we want to draw more attention to, a connection between a couple of movies that’s more complicated than “this guy worked on that, that guy worked on this”, what kind of books on film we’ve been reading, what’s good in theaters, or just effusive praise about a movie we really, really love.

On Sundays, we’ll put out a short playlist feature organized by a timely theme: a holiday, season, or recent event, with suggested movies to fit the occasion. If you need an explicit recommendation, carve out some time in your Sunday – it’s when we mostly set aside a few hours for viewing, too.

We won’t waste time, so the first feature will go up tomorrow, with Brendan’s thoughts on the strange connection between THE MASTER and A PLACE IN THE SUN. Hope you enjoy.


– Stuart & Brendan


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